Chic Chats with Annalise Mclachlan

 We sat down with the beautiful Annalise Mclachlan to talk style, and getting ready for summer.


1. What do you love about the summer season?
I love summer because nothing compares to that fresh warm summer air. Just being able to run around in your swimmers all day. Going to the beach for those early morning swims.

2. Favourite item in your wardrobe at the moment?
 My vintage suede tasseled jacket customised from the US.

3.Who’s one of your inspirations?
Definitely Rihanna, her fashion is out of this world she inspires me everyday of life. Just blaring her music in my room gets my creative juices flowing.

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Johanna Bear Talks Collage Works and Supportive Pals with Catalogue Magazine

Chic Model, Johanna Bear recently has featured on Catalogue Magazine’s, Catalogue Girl series. Renowned for her incredible collage works, she discusses how she discovered her love of the art and what has inspired her in her practice. Johanna’s recent collage works involved collaborating with the Designer Georgia Alice & visual imagery works for a shop based in Japan. Check out her Collage works @Johannabearcollage and  her personal account @Johannarbear.

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Photography: Kelly Geddes
Styling: Suzannah Snow

Buro 24/7 X Chic Management Collaboration with Amy Finlayson’s Curated Exhibition

 Model and Artist Amy Finlayson recently presented the first photographic Exhibition of Madison Davies at the newly renovated Ravisi’s in Bondi. The exhibition, Raghba; The Inconsolable Longing, was curated by Amy, featuring life size detailed 35mm shots of a series of vast  Morroccan landscapes. Chic girls, Phoebe Ghorayeb, Chloe Moo, Hannah Mcdougall and Megan Mackenzie also attended the exhibition event. Buro 24/7 covers the full story below including Chic film coverage of the evening.

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Chic Chats with Katie Rose

We sat down with the beautiful Katie Rose for a quick Chic Chat.

Katie Rose

Tell us a bit about your background?

I was born in Durban, South Africa. I grew up in Hong Kong, Canada and Australia. I’m a mixed bag really!

Dream summer destination?

The Maldives

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe at the moment?

Leather mini skirt and a loose simple tee!

Instagram: @katierose


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