Anna Kolding for Yen Magazine Online by Kristina Yenko

Chic girl Anna Kolding and photographer Kristina Yenko take us back to the sunny days of our youth, when we abandoned the internet for a sun soaked day in the backyard.

A fresh face and playful fashion give this shoot an air of youthful innocence, pushing us back in time to when it was all so simple.

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Photography: Kristina Yenko

Styling: Danielle Soglimbene

H/MU: Tracy Terashima

Avril Alexander, Stephanie Cherry & Rachel Rutt for Elle Australia April 2016 by Chris Searl

Photographer Chris Searl allows us a more intimate look into some of our favourite Chic Girl’s lives, creating loving portraits with their equally as beautiful partners.


Photography: Chris Searl

Styling: Rachel Wayman

Hair: Pete Lennon

Makeup: Molly Warkentin

Bridget Malcolm for Harper’s Bazaar Australia April 2016 by Simon Lekias

Bridget Malcolm stays soft and sensual in her new editorial for Harper’s Bazaar.

Photographer Simon Lekias creates a hushed atmosphere for Bridget to lounge around in this season’s silkiest garments, proving that comfort can be sexy.

Harper's Bazaar Harper's Bazaar Harper's Bazaar Harper's Bazaar Harper's Bazaar

Photography: Simon Lekias

Styling: Thelma McQuillan

Hair: Nicolas Jurnjack

Makeup: Amanda Reardon

Chantal Monaghan for Pages Digital by Steven Popovich

Chantal Monaghan is a shining star in her new editorial ‘Lucky Star’ for Pages Digital.

Photographer Steven Popovich explores extra terrestrial textures and cosmic skin in this skin, transforming Chantal into and other worldly being.

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Photography: Steven Popovich

Styling: Kurt Johnson

Hair: Dale Delaporte

MakeUp: Cat Smith

Yaya Deng & Roberta Pecoraro for Cosmopolitan April 2016 by Tane Coffin

 Yaya Deng and Roberta Pecoraro feature is Cosmopolitan’s celebration of ‘We Are Women’.

Photographer Tane Coffin brings together women from across the globe to create a full picture importance of diversity amongst women.

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Photography: Tane Coffin

Styling: Nicole Adolphe

Hair & Makeup: Budi Juspandi ; Joel Phillips & Heidi King

Samantha Harris for Cosmopolitan Magazine April 2016 by Kane Skenner

Samantha Harris looks slick and sporty in her new editorial for Cosmopolitan Magazine’s April 2016 issue.

Together with photographer Kane Skenner, Samantha teaches us how to take our looks from the field to the bar and back again.Sam Harris2 copy Sam Harris3 copy Sam Harris6 copy Sam Harris copy Sam Harris7 copy

Photography: Kane Skenner

Styling: Nicole Adolphe

Hair / MakeUp: Joel Phillips