Catherine McNeil for Sunday Style by Todd Barry

Todd Barry gives us insight into Catherine McNeil’s effortless style for Sunday Style magazine, schooling us in the “New Easy”.

Looking as though she was plucked from a scene of Almost Famous, Catherine dons the persona of both the delicate groupie and the untouchably cool frontman.


Photography: Todd Barry

Styling: Kelly Hume

Hair & MakeUp: Kellie Startton

Fred Scahill & Rihanna Porter by Yianni Aspradakis for Fashion Quarterly

Yianni Aspradakis takes Fred Scahill and Rihanna Porter back to the beatnick sixties, where The Beatles reigned supreme and liberation was spilling onto the streets.

With styling that challenges the notions of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’, allusions to the past deal with the modernity of fashion today.

Fashion Quarterly Fashion Quarterly Fashion Quarterly Fashion QuarterlyFashion Quarterly

Photography: Yianni Aspradakis

Stylist: Kylie Cooke

Makeup: Athena Pessione

Hair: Sophy Phillips

Kimberley de Vocht by Kay Sukumar

Kimberley de Vocht and photographer Kay Sukumar taking to the neon lit streets to explore ‘the dark side of the toast’.

A playful juxtaposition between feminine dressing and the harsh neo-noir cityscape, brings to life the internal conversations of an urban woman.

kimberley_Chic-8 kimberley_Chic-3 kimberley_Chic-6 kimberley_Chic-1 kimberley_Chic-9





Photography:Kay Sukumar

Styling: Hunter Blue

H/MU:Beck Carroll

Paulina & Zoe for Fashion Gone Rogue by Steven Popovich


Our girls Paulina Grochowina and Zoe Nieuwenhuis were taken down to the river by photographer Steven Popovich exclusively for Fashion Gone Rogue.

Taking inspiration from Italian Renaissance art, the girls emerge from the depths, moody and romantic , proving that sometimes art imitates life.





River-Title-Update Water-Fashion-Steven-Popovich-Photos02 Water-Fashion-Steven-Popovich-Photos05 Water-Fashion-Steven-Popovich-Photos07 Water-Fashion-Steven-Popovich-Photos10

Photography:Steven Popovich

Styling:Janai Anselmi

MU:Kristyan Low