Chic Chats with Linnea

We caught up with the Swedish beauty Linnea Grondahl to give us a run down of how she was discovered, some of her thoughts on working in the fashion industry and her all time guilty pleasure.

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How were you discovered ? 
My mother agency in Sweden was going around the country casting for new faces and they casted me when they came to my hometown.

Can you tell us a bit about your background? 
I’m from Sweden and grew up in a really small town near big mountains where a lot of people go skiing and other nature adventures, very different from where I am today!

How has modeling changed your perspective of fashion?
It has made me understand how much creative and logistic effort actually goes into something that can look very “effortless”.

What’s one of your all time guilty pleasures?
Shopping, I just can’t resist pretty things!!

A song that’s on your current playlist at the moment?
Apollo Throwdown (Star Slinger remix) by The Go! Team




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Chic Chats with Matiu

The beautiful Matiu sat down with us at Chic to give us a run down of a typical New Year/Christmas in Russia. She talks over some of her favourite shoots she has worked on and what’s install for her New Year this year with family.

Matiu will be in town until the end of this year

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How is your home so different to here?

Russia is so different to Australia. Of course the first thought is how different the weather is. I think people here just can’t imagine how cold it is… It’s really strange for me to see a Christmas tree without any snow on it.


What is a typical way you celebrate Christmas in Russia?

 In Russia the biggest holiday is New Year from 31st December to 1st January. And it’s really a family day. Before the dinner, all the family start cooking A LOT OF FOOD. Around 10 pm we are sit at the festive table (There is just so much delicious food!) At the 12am we listen to the President’s speech. And yes, it’s official, New Year has started! In the morning children run to seek the gifts under the Christmas tree. So New Year is a lovely family day.


What’s one of your favourite countries you have been to? 

I don’t really have a favourite country, because every country has it’s advantages. And every country is beautiful. I didn’t find a PERFECT PERFECT place for my life. Maybe it’s because I’m always missing Russia.


What’s one of your favourite shoots you have done recently? 

I have so many amazing shoots. Especially in Sydney it’s so nice. People are so cute.

But if I look over the entire period of my career.. I think it’s was for DIXIE campaign. It’s was two days shooting in the Rome. Rome is AMAZING!!! Such a beautiful city!




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5 Things to Know About Luiza Matyba



5 Things to Know About Luiza Matyba

1. My favourite food is sushi (but without soya as unfortunately I am allergic to it) and  I can not live without honey !

2. The music I am usually love to listen to is the prodigy, but mostly I am listening all kind of music. When I  was younger I used to go to music school, I played piano and the drums.

3. I love everything that is pink – my room is pink,  even my kitchen is pink! Then all my furniture is white and black.

4. I used to train in kickboxing when I was younger. I actually wanted to be a professional fighter but my mom did not give me a permission thinking I’d go crazy.

5. Hmm the last one is love to cats, prefer them to dogs, they re intelligent, clever, unpredictable plus provocative and stubborn.


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