Surf Stitch’s ‘The Lens’ Hangs Out With Elle Morris!

Our beauty Elouise recently sat down with the wonderful people at The Lens for a big catch up on her career, read on to learn about how she first got into the modelling game, get some insights to her healthy eating plans and fitness routines, and discover her incredible goals for the very near future…
Introducing Elle Morris. After first bursting onto the scene after stints in Bali, Los Angeles and Miami, the young Australian model ambassador has come along way since humble beginnings growing up in the peaceful town of Avoca Beach on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Now with a huge and bright future infront of her, the world is truly becoming her oyster with opportunities springing up left, right and centre, all in the name of good times and good causes.elouise IMG_5683 copy 
Thanks for taking the time to catch up Elle. What have you been up to?
I have been quite busy, which is great. I’ve been spending a bit of time in Melbourne, and then coming up here to the Gold Coast. I’m living in Bondi at the moment which has been a lot of fun, so in my free time just been chilling at the beach now that its summer time again!You are originally from the country, where abouts in particular? Do you get back there often?
I’m originally from Avoca Beach. My mum now lives at McMasters Beach. I love living in Sydney, but it’s a very fast paced place, where as I am much more of a mellow person and prefer the easy going things in life.How did you first get into modelling?
Well I originally had no desire to be a model, but my mum kept bugging me and entering me in the Girlfriend model search comp which I originally I was like ‘no way I don’t want to do that!’ She always had faith in me and would say I’ve got a shot. Looking back I’m really glad she did because after that my agency called up and it was go from there!

Describe your style?
My style changes all the time. It’s quite relaxed, and I also make a lot of my own clothes. My dad does a lot of stuff with denim which has rubbed off, and my mum makes swimwear, which we are actually working on a range together at the moment. I love beachy clothes, denim, cons, boots and anything else that says ‘relaxed’.

Being a model, you obviously need to stay fit and have a great eating plan. Can you tell us some of your favourite dishes and any fitness routines?
I love food! It’s probably my favourite thing in life! I had the luxury of growing up on a farm, so I’ve always had a lot of home grown veggies, so I’m pretty crazy about that stuff. In saying that though, I’ll never deny myself a treat! Fitness-wise, I’m very much an outdoors person. I mainly go for bushwalks, mix it up with a bit of pilates, yoga and a few other things.



Do you have a favourite meal?
Oh so many! I’m loving zuccinhi pasta at the moment, but mum’s cakes have also got to be up there!

If you weren’t a model, what else do you think you’d be doing?
I’d love to be doing something with animals, but my dream job would be acting, im really hoping to get more involved with that side of things and that’s hopefully my next avenue. I think I would have already been pushing really hard to get involved in that industry. I’d love to be the host of an animal talk show, or travelling around documenting my experiences. Somehing outdoors and with animals would be perfect!

You were recently the face of Model Co alongside a group of other Aussie models. Ca you tell us about this experience?
Yes, it was awesome! So it was a collaboration with ‘It’s Now Cool’ and we used a lot of different swimwear brands and the Model Co range. It was focusing on their tanning products, and I’ve always used the products so I was stoked to be apart of it. It was a great time and great experience. They are becoming much more affordable and continue to build their reputation. In the past they’ve used people like Elle McPherson, so I was stoked to be apart of the project.

Any Summer beauty secrets?
I love to be in the sun, so definetly wear sunscreen, keep hydrated, eat healthy and a nice balance of partying and down time. You’ve got to have fun though because when you smile it really comes through!

Do you have any favourite Australian labels that fill your wardrobe?
I’m never really too picky with anything actually, if I see something I like I’ll grab it, but I also have a bit of a fear with shops, which is a pretty strange phobea of mine. With Instagram I get gifted a few things which is great, and I also make a lot of my own stuff too which adds a bit of personal touch.

What would we find playing on your ipod?
Always Neil Young! I love Fleetwood Mac, Rufus, Flight Facilities, just a bit of a random mix, but I love all the old school music.

Do you have any trips coming up?
I should be in LA from January onwards for a few months, but I’d love to set up a bit of a base there and hoefully then pursue a bit more of my acting dream. So I’ll enjoy Summer here in Australia and then head over chasing the dream! I’ve worked over there before, so it will be good to head back! Perhaps even hit Coachella.

Apart from being infront of the camera, What else will we catch you getting up to?
I love spending a heap of free time with my rooster, his name is Red. I actually also love making my own ‘David Attonbrough style documentaries out in the bush. As long as I am outside I can keep entertained pretty easily! I have also been working on some childrens books, based in my little fairyland I had when I was a child, so stay tuned!



Favourite place in Bondi?
I love to go to North bondi fish for a yum lunch, but BBQ’s at peoples houses are pretty damn good too! A few of my friends own some bars so we hang out a little bit there too.

You’ve also lived over in Bali, can you tell us how long you were over there and why you were there.
I hadn’t been there sine I was 16 and then I went on a holiday with mum just for 2 weeks and had no idea people were living and working there form all other countries! I all of a sudden though, wiat, I could do this! So I went back for a month on my own, and then a villa came up right nextr door to where we were staying and I just took it. I told my mum and she was like WHAT. Although it seems like a while ago, I will always remember it as having the best time, we were in Canguu and I also really can’t wait to get back there. I worked and met so many great friends there so it defiantly holds a special place in my heart. On the modelling side, we were always shooting in epic locations by the beach or in super nice villa’s which was amazing!

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Monika Radulovic for Oliver Grand

Our insanely beautiful Monika Radulovic looking drop dead gorgeous for Oliver Grand


If I wasn’t modelling I would be a registered clinical psychologist working with children. I am already half way there.

My ideal Saturday night is cozying up on the couch with my man and kitten watching a great movie (preferably while it’s raining outside).

My biggest turn on is a great sense of humour. I’m also a sucker for smiles!

Take me anywhere on the Croatian coast for a holiday! I can speak the language so I can communicate easily with the locals, the food is INCREDIBLE, and the beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world.

More guys should wear their hair without any product. There is something so sexy about a guy who can rock his natural hair!

You should never wear socks and sandals! Unless you’re a high school maths teacher over the age of 55, this is never appropriate.

When dating a guy I pay attention to the way he talks about his ex girlfriends and how his past relationships ended. I think that reveals a lot about a person.

Date With Kate: Bridget Malcolm

Our star Bridget Malcolm recently attended a Date With Kate to talk all things Victorias Secret, 2 weddings & being scouted…


Congratulations on walking in your first Victoria’s Secret show. What was it like? 
Thank you! It was unlike anything else I have ever experienced, and the energy was amazing! The second I got off the runway I just wanted to do it all over again … I am still over the moon and can’t believe that just happened.

How did it come about?
Through three years of hard work. This was my third time casting for the show, and my third year of working with Victoria’s Secret as a client, so it came through knowing what they were after and going for it! I worked hard for this, and am so happy that I was given the opportunity.

How did you find out you had been cast for the show?
I was in a van somewhere in Colorado with my fiance’s band on tour. I had dodgy service and it kept dropping out – but my manager got the message across.

How did it feel when you found out you had been cast?
I was beyond excited … I was shaking, and a little choked up. Just so excited. And a little shocked, like: “They want me?”

Are you friends with the other girls in the show? 
Yes! Vita from Russia is also walking for the first time and we have been friends for a while. Most of the other girls I have met or worked with along the way – all very lovely kind girls.

What were you most excited about walking for Victoria’s Secret?
Being able to smile on the runway! You rarely get to do that for other fashion shows; this is one of the few shows where you can have fun and let your personality shine. And also the after-party. Champagne and chocolate!

Did you always want to be a model when you were younger?
Never. The thought of modelling never even crossed my mind. I was a strange looking adolescent with other interests.


How were you discovered? 
In the street in Perth during the Perth Fashion Festival.

Ralph Lauren has made you the global face of Polo Ralph Lauren for the past three seasons. What is that like? 
That is amazing! Ralph Lauren is such an iconic brand, and they are such a lovely, close-knit family over there. Another dream come true – I love the whole Polo vibe, very my style, and so each shoot with them feels easy and fun. I’m extremely lucky to be a part of their family.

Before your career as a model you were the lead oboist in the WA Youth Orchestra. What was that like?
I will always love the oboe and classical music. I still play to this day, just nowhere near as intensely as I used to. Being in NYC means I have access to a lot of incredible concerts; this month I am going to see the Berlin Philharmonic play all the Beethoven symphonies! I think that learning a classical instrument so early on taught me discipline and the ability to work hard for something.

You are classically trained in ballet. Did you ever want to pursue that as a career?
I love ballet – I started when I was three and quit when I was 17. I still love it, though, and go to adult classes whenever I can. It was important to me; taught me how to move and how to endure pain. No desire there to turn that into a career, though!

You are engaged to musician Nathaniel Hoho . Can you tell me any wedding plans? 
We are getting married in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, next summer, and another wedding in Perth at the end of the year! Two summer weddings, two dresses. Very excited! I’ve been with Nathaniel for two years but we had been friends for five years before that. And then one day, we were like, “we should go out?”, and then within a week we moved in together. It was the most done-deal thing in my life, and I feel so happy about it. It’s indescribable.

What do you do for fun? 
I read a lot – at least a book a week. I don’t own a TV, and wouldn’t use it if I did! I always carry a book with me in my bag – right now I have three on the go. It’s weird because I took English literature in school and it was never my favourite subject. I love Shakespeare but I hate Jane Austen [laughs]! Usually when I’m at an airport I just go into a bookstore and pick out three books, and I usually read them all by the end of my trip. Or I discover new reads by listening to podcasts, like Rich Roll. His podcasts are long, freeform conversations, and he gets some of the most interesting people on. Tim Winton is another of my favourite authors – he’s from Perth, which is my home town. I studied him in high school and just recently rediscovered him again. He sometimes makes me homesick though, so I can’t read too much of his work.

If you could work with anyone or walk for any show, who or what would it be?
Now that Victoria’s Secret is ticked off … That was my  No. 1 aim all my career. I would love a beauty contract with an iconic brand like Maybelline or Estee Lauder. I also have always wanted to walk for Chanel – and shoot a cover for Russh Magazine!


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SHOOTING WITH GP WAS… Relaxing, fun and cruisy.

I’M HAPPIEST WHEN… I get to surf fun waves all day and come home to family.

MY FAVE PLACE IN THE WORLD IS… Coffs Harbour or Wreck Bay.

TO ME, SUMMER MEANS… Warm water, cold fruit, sweaty jeans and family picnics at the beach.

THE LAST SONG I LISTENED TO ON MY IPOD WAS… Blinking Pigs by Little Dragon.

MY WORST HABIT IS… Biting my nails while watching movies.

I JUST ATE… A hotdog and god damn it was tasty!



Recently, 6 of Chic Developments freshest faces Sedona, Ashleigh, Lilli, Bonni, Rhian & Jacqueline all completed our Chic ‪#‎TrainingDay‬! a HUGE thank you to industry heavy weights Emily Abay, Transform Health, Bassike, Danielle Butcher, The Daily Telegraph & The Front Studios who made the day a total success! We hope you enjoy the amazing shots below & our official Chic Training Day movie which you can in HD below!



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