Roberta For Glue Store X Levis

Our incredible Roberta teamed up with her better half Jono Friend to deliver a killer photo diary for Glue Store X Levis at Splendour In The Grass and captured by one of Sydney’s favorites, Life Without Andy.

“We are fortunate to have some very beautiful friends, including the
power couple of the century aka Roberta Pecoraro & Jono Friend.” – LWA

 Head to LWA for the full diary!

E! News Australia’s Ksenija Lukich
in ‘That Seventies Show

Our divine Ksenjia Lukich looks ultra retro in her latest shoot for Womens Weekly.
Since joining the E! News family on the front line our dynamite Ksenija Lukich is unstoppable, proving she truly is a talent to be reckoned with!
A seventies-news inspired shoot never looked so beautiful!
 Photographer: Corrie Bond
Stylist: Mattie Cronan
MUA: Peter Beard
Hair Stylist: Brad Mullins

Lydia Collins for Wittner SS15 Campaign!

We;re loving our Lydia Collins for the latest Wittner Shoes Campaign ‘Work / Play

Who are your style muses?
I don’t really follow bloggers, but I’m inspired by my friends like Catherine McNeil and Ollie Henderson, or my mum!
What does your everyday uniform look like?
My uniform consists of a pair of jeans, trusty sneakers, a basic shirt and I love a good tailored jacket.
How would you describe your style in three words?
Comfy, eclectic, tomboy.
Complete this sentence: I recently splurged on…
Buying a car!
Tell us how you got discovered. What was the turning point in your career?
I was discovered when I was 17 on the way to my job at a pizzeria. My
career officially started after I did Givenchy exclusive a few years
Your favourite city in the world?
Paris, but NYC comes a close second!
When you’re not in front of the lens strutting your stuff, where would we find you?
Probably at home chilling with my friends and family. I’m such a homebody!
For more of Lydia’s interview with Wittner click here! 
 Watch all the behind the scenes action from the shoot day below….

Samantha Harris for Sunday Style

‘To Infinity & Beyond’ is our divine Samantha Harris‘ latest editorial for Sunday Style. 
Looking absolutely flawless Samantha talks all things from Dancing With The Stars to #inkforgood

Tune into Channel 7 on Sunday night to watch Samantha & her partner Josh perform in #DWTS week 2 & please VOTE!

Photographer: Pierre Toussaint
Stylist: Marina Afonina

Catherine McNeil is THE INTERLOPER

We’re loving our Catherine McNeil‘s latest work in short film ‘The Interloper

“Catherine McNeil stars as a calculating femme fatale in “The Interloper”
directed by Tarik Malak and Timothy Douglas of TN’T. Is the meddlesome
detective, played by Ben Hill, only part of the sultry supermodel’s
ploy? Watch the original short film unfold in full fashion


Pyper America for Moncler FW Campaign!

Our divine Pyper America looks out of this world in her latest campaign for Moncler Fall / Winter 2015-2016.
Starring alongside her brother, Pyper & Lucky look flawless on location in Iceland. 
Shot by the incredible Annie Leibovitz!

Le making-of vidéo de la campagne automne-hiver… by VOGUEPARIS
Le making-of vidéo de la campagne automne-hiver… by VOGUEPARIS

‘Ahead of the Pack’

“Our July issue is probably our cutest issue to date. 
It came about when one of our favourite makeup artists, Ania Milczarczyk approached us to see if we’d like to team up with RSPCA New South Wales for an epic photoshoot. We couldn’t have been more excited.
A passionate animal lover, Ania had the idea to shoot some of her
favourite models with animals up for adoption from the RSPCA. For more
information on how you can support the work of the RSPCA visit their website or Ania’s Instagram.”
‘Ahead of the Pack’ features 8 Chic girls Samantha, Amelia, Annalise (covers the issue) Maja, Jennifer, Emily, Annabel & Bridget. We could not be happier to be apart of such a fantastic project!
Bravo Ania & RSPCA!

Photography: Cybele Malinowski
Production and make-up: Ania Milczarczyk
Styling: Liv Rahmé 
Hair: Erin Shaw 
Styling assistant: Bridgette Sala

WWD: Maddison Brown

Our rising star Maddison Brown is a force to be reckoned with. Featured in the latest Miu Miu Campaign & a comfortable co-star to Nicole Kidman, Maddison is making a mark on the fashion & film industry like none other. We’re so proud of what you’ve already achieved Maddison, we cannot wait to see what’s next!
Recently WWD caught up with Maddison to talk about her first film role in ‘Strangerland‘…
Watch the official trailer here
WWD: How did this part come along?
M.B.: One of my agents had read an earlier draft of the screenplay
and immediately thought of me for the role of Lily. When casting began I
was called in to audition.
WWD: What was the audition process like?
M.B.: Long, arduous, draining, rewarding and absolutely 100 percent
worth it. The process made me learn a lot. I went in for my first
audition in October 2013 and got the part in March of the next year, so
yeah, it was a long, tough process. I auditioned several times, almost
seven. But like I said, it was worth it, a total labor of love.
WWD: Tell me about Lily.
M.B.: Lily is very much a teenager starting to discover herself. But
in other ways, she is lost. She lives in a dysfunctional family. Her
relationship with her father is a very thankless and loveless one. He
loves her based on principle, but he resents her and her burgeoning
sexuality. Basically, Lily has daddy issues, and it’s because of these
issues that she craves the attention of other males. She craves the male
connection she is lacking from her father, and the only way she knows
how to connect with men outside her family is through sex.
WWD: What was it like the first time you met Nicole Kidman?
M.B.: I was nervous but she was so warm and lovely. Nicole is someone
who wants to nurture and support young actors and it was such a relief
to be able to connect with her in a real way. I’ve heard stories about
more established actors not taking too kindly to young talent, but with
Nicole, it was nothing like that.
WWD: Did she give you any acting advice?
M.B.: She didn’t give me tips as far as techniques, but one day we
were chatting and I was telling her about all of my modeling
experiences. I was sort of at a crossroads: I wanted to pursue acting
100 percent but still felt ties to the modeling industry. I still do. So
she said to me, “You should keep doing this. You’re good at it.” Which
was, obviously, really encouraging. One day she said to me, “You never
complain! That’s good.” And I was like, “Nicole, I’ve been a model for
four years — I have nothing to complain about.” Treatment on-set as an
actor versus treatment as a model is very, very different.
WWD: I quickly just wanted to ask you about the Miu Miu campaign. How did you find out you had been cast in that?
M.B.: Ha! Oh dear. I was in bed, I had slept in and woke up to like,
10 missed calls from my managers in L.A. I kept trying to call them
back, and we kept missing each other. The suspense was killing me, I
knew something was up and I wanted to know!
WWD: What was it like shooting with the other actresses [Stacy Martin, Mia Goth and Hailey Gates]?
M.B.: It was pretty cool; as a model, shooting with Steven Meisel was
one of my ultimate career goals. It was one of those pinch-yourself
moments. They were all supernice and insightful. I was the youngest by a
long shot and I enjoy hanging out with older people who are more
experienced in the industry than I am. I am a sponge, soaking up
WWD: Did you give them modeling tips?
M.B.: No way. I left the modeling tips to Meisel.

Kim Leutwyler & Ollie Henderson
Archibold Prie 2015 Finalists

 Kim Leutwyler has just been announced a finalist in this year’s
Archibald Prize. 
The Archibald is awarded annually to the best portrait,
‘preferentially of some man or woman distinguished in art, letters,
science or politics, painted by any artist resident in Australasia,’ and
is judged by the trustees of the Art Gallery of NSW
Leutwyler’s portrait is of her good friend, our top model and activist,
Ollie Henderson.

The Story Behind the Portrait
The Subject: “The subject is a friend of mine, who also
happens to be a an activist, designer and one of Australia’s top models,
Ollie Henderson. This 24 year old has received global recognition for
founding fashion label and youth empowerment project House of Riot. She
uses fashion as a vehicle for encouraging young people to start
productive conversations about social change in Australia. House of Riot
started in the form of 100 hand painted T-shirts with positive
political slogans worn by her friends in between runway shows at Fashion
Week Australia, 2014
 To read more about Kims inspiration, why she chose Ollie & how the works came about then click here. The portrait of Ollie will be on display at the Art Gallery of NSW from July 18 until late September. Then the exhibition will be displayed at another 6 galleries across Australia…!
Congratulations to you Kim. We’re in love with your work!