Charlotte Best talks beauty with POPSUGAR!

Our divine Charlotte Best spills the beans to the lovely ladies at POPSUGAR on her beauty secrets that are not so secret. Dubbed to be on you “must-watch list” Charlotte is a breath of fresh air when it comes to natural beauty. Read on to find out more….

She hit our screens in
the quintessential Aussie classics: Home and Away and the TV adaptation of Puberty Blues. She’s also just been picked up by Supré as one of their new campaign faces, alongside Inka Williams and Sarah Ellen, and has a few new feature projects in the works.

Charlotte looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet at The TV Week Logies
this year and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this up-and-coming
star. We caught up with her while she’s in Australia, so read on to get
the inside info on her skincare routine, her never-fail pimple treatment
and her refreshing approach to beauty.

What are your top five, must-have beauty products? 

What is your daily beauty routine?  

“In terms of skincare, I use a face cleanser
everyday in the shower and use moisturiser morning and night. I
exfoliate twice a week and also wear those hilarious, white face masks
once a week whilst watching TV! I keep sunscreen in my car for everyday
use. My everyday makeup routine is Laura mercier foundation primer — which has a little tint and shine to it — mascara and then the nude rose lip colour.
“I wash my hair every other day but I wet it every morning and put
argan oil in it. I then put it into a coiled bun while its wet and let
it set with a bit of wave by the time I get anywhere.”

What is your biggest beauty secret? 
“I’ve been using Egyptian Magic for years
because I’ve always loved everything Mecca stocks but now my ‘secret’ is
in all the magazines — thanks to Cara Delvigne! It’s good for

 What’s your secret to great hair?  
 “My friend Jaye at Edwards & Co.”

Oliver Grand:
Meet Elle Morris

Our incredible Elouise Morris shines in her latest shoot & interview with Oliver Grand!…

I am currently working on…
 writing and illustrating a few kids fantasy stories based on my childhood.
I knew I wanted to be a model when…
 my Mum entered me in a model search comp so I had no choice, haha. But I’m glad she did, I love my job!
My style
 is pretty simple and depends on my mood.
When I’m going to castings for jobs I am usually in jeans, a t-shirt and
boots. If I’m going out then I will wear something a little flirty.
Otherwise, I pretty much live in a bikini or my gym gear.
The 3 things I look for in a guy…
  are nice eyes, someone to make me laugh, and he must love animals!!!
The first think I notice about him…
  is always his
eyes. I do like a nice back and arms too. I’m pretty casual with my
style so I like guys that are laid back with their’s too.
Every man should own…
  a good pair jeans and an awesome t-shirt that I can I wear. Although I prefer them without!

The best first date…
  would have to be at the beach or
bush walking. I feel like you get to know the person more being out in
nature. Plus if I trip, I can fall into his arms and that leads into
My biggest male celebrity crush…
  is Charlie Hunnam, aka Jax from Sons of Anarchy. Heath Ledger and Adrian Grenier are big ones too.
And female…  
Angelina Jolie and Margot Robbie.
I never thought I would…
 have a pet rooster as a best friend. I can’t help it he makes me laugh!
I don’t do dating apps
 I’m usually pretty forward when I meet people in person.
My Spotify
 line up consists of Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac, always. I just saw Drake, so he’s on repeat at the moment too.
If I wasn’t modelling…
 I would be acting. Well, I’m
taking classes currently so that’s the next avenue. I like to do
impersonations and make people laugh, otherwise I would be working with

Ivana Martyn for iMute Magazine!

We are LOVING the editorials coming out of iMute Magazine – especially the latest of our incredible Ivana who not only modelled but styled the entire story aswell! 
 ‘All Things Truly Wicked Start From Innocence’


Grace Simmons for Vogue Australia
in ‘Young Guns’

We’re in love with our Grace Simmons latest editorial ‘Young Guns‘ for Vogue‘s June issue!
“If you’re going to go to the top, head straight there. Grace jumped
to the pinnacle for her first show at Christian Dior haute couture
autumn/winter ’14/’15, which got the attention of bookers for
Saint Laurent, Gucci and Valentino. With a campaign for the
latter secured, the delicate-featured redhead is a next big thing.” – VOGUE

Photographer: Benny Horne
Stylist: Gillian Wilkins
Hair: Mark Hampton
Make-up: Benjamin Puckey

Phillipa Gleeson for Wittner AW15


Your personal style in 3 words? 
Classic, comfortable and worn-in.
Your everyday uniform? 
Jeans, t-shirt and boots. Whatever I’m wearing I always wear boots and I will always be wearing something blue… Consciously or subconsciously, I’m not sure. It’s my favourite colour.
What are your winter style essentials?
 Cashmere! Jac + Jack is my go-to for winter. I cannot be warm in winter unless I’m wearing cashmere. I love how it feels like a big hug from mum!
Favourite city? 
To live – New York.
To explore – Marrakech.
Ultimate travel destination in Australia? 
Northern Territory. I absolutely love outback Australia. The sunsets, sunrises, stargazing, indigenous culture and natural wonder make it one of my favourite places in the world.
Who are your style muses? 
Michelle Phillips, Anita Pallenburg, Jane Birkin… All of those beautiful women of the 60s and 70s really.
What’s your favourite style from the Wittner Winter collection? 
The black over-the-knee boots. It is such a fun boot to wear and can really dress up a dreary winter outfit.
Your secret to confident style? 
I like to feel comfortable and I think that makes me feel confident. If I’m wearing tight jeans then I’ll wear a loose top and vice versa.
Flats or heels? 
 Flats. I’m already about 6 feet tall!
Where will you most likely be on a Saturday night?
 Out with my friends somewhere around Fitzroy, at a bar, gig or house party.
When you are not looking beautiful in front of the camera or strutting down the catwalk, what are you doing? 
I’m studying to be a psychologist so that takes up a lot of time. Otherwise, I love to paint, draw and travel!

Mali Koopman & Bridget Hollitt
for Fashion Journal Magazine

Mali & Bridget absolutely shine in ‘Back to Basics‘ for the latest issue of Fashion Journal Magazine. This story is absolutely flawless & we’re thrilled to have both girls captured in such perfection…
Bravo Eddie New!
Hair: Richie Grisillo