Meet The Models: Olivia Thornton & Sarah Pauley, on

Sarah Pauley and Olivia Thornton are two babes who are joined at the hip. One’s a natural red head and one dyes her hair. One’s outgoing and one’s a little shyer. They both love watching TVs shows in bed, hanging at the beach and drinking coffee. Sarah Rugg hung out with the BFF’s and they tried on pieces from Hayley Elsaesser and House of Cards. Then we got them to talk a bit about each other.”
Jerico Mandybur: Sarah, what’s you first memory of Olivia? First impressions?
Sarah: I first laid eyes on Olivia Thornton in early 2011. It was a cool day I remember, a mild yet windy 18 degrees. We had just jumped off a plane in Melbourne and were in a taxi to the LMFF fittings! I hated Olivia at first! She was outspoken and had some very witty things to say! I thought to myself, “Who is this girl, she shouldn’t have all this confidence!” Haha obviously my thoughts have changed slightly since that day!
Olivia: I remember being mildly terrified as I hadn’t been modelling for long and didn’t know anyone I was about to spend the week with. At first, I was taken by Sarah’s height, and also heartened by the fact she seemed to be about the same age as me. Our first encounter was when we got chatting backstage during a break in shows and she asked to come back to my hotel room to do a wee. We got a pizza on the way, cooked it in my apartment and bonded pretty much straight away!
What do you guys like doing for fun?
We live together, so every day is like a teenage sleepover, in which silly shenanigans (twerking, speaking to each other in foreign accents) ensue. Even though we have separate rooms sometimes we end up chilling out in bed together watching films and laughing at dumb shit on the internet. We’re more or less a married couple. We also can’t go past a good weekend boogie. We’re also big fans of the beach, lazing in the sunshine, going on long treks together and hanging out with our gang of boy mates and watching lots of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations in our friend Mitch’s bedroom.
 Any favourite hang out spots or things you like to do?
We live close to Sydney’s Redleaf beach, which is definitely a staple hang out spot, along with Mary St Cafe in Surry Hills with our other lady pals.  
What’s the weirdest/funniest thing the other person has said?
Olivia: Sarah says a lot of hilarious shit but I think the other day she asked me if John Lennon was “that politician that was assassinated.” 
Sarah: Olivia has an obsession with relating real life scenarios back to The Simpsons. I swear she’s watched every episode made!
Olivia: You better believe that’s a paddlin’.
What’s the smartest thing the other person has said?
Olivia: Sarah always tells me to date nice guys for once. 
Sarah: This girl is so intellectual. She is always quoting articles she reads on the internet so I’m always learning new things everyday! 
Any annoying habits that you’d like to call the other person out for?
Olivia: I always leave a bunch of clothes behind when I go overseas, and Sarah likes to raid them and claim them as her own! But I don’t really mind.
Sarah: She never runs for the bus! The amount of times I’ve ran and made it and she is taking her sweet time walking! She never runs! I won’t talk to her till the next bus comes. Or maybe the fact she starts every sentence with “I read this article the other day…” I mean how true are all these articles on Buzzfeed m8?
What’s the best thing about being redheads?
Olivia: I’m not a true redhead, so I can’t answer that question with complete accuracy, but I’ll say the best thing would be having the potential to look like Sarah.
Sarah: I am the true redhead, she tries to copy me! I love standing out and copping redhead jokes all the time i.e ‘Fanta Pants’ and ‘Ranga.’ 
If your friendship was a song, what would it be?
Olivia: ‘Friends’ – Band Of Skulls
Sarah: ‘We Can’t Stop’ – Miley Cyrus
Photography/Styling: Sarah Rugg