Front Row Suit model of the week: Hugh Vidler

Name: Hugh Vidler
Agency: Chic
Home Town: Sydney
Star Sign: Gemini
Your best subject at school/uni: Physics.
On schoolies you partied at: Byron Bay.
What do you want to be when you grow up: I’ll be cliché and say I don’t want to grow up but that’s just because I have no Idea what I want to be. I’m studying Nanotechnology at uni and I’m really interested in art. It would be cool to do something involving both.
Where are you right now: Home, I just got back from a 7000km roadtrip to the top of Australia.
Where would you rather be: I’m content. I’m just happy I’m not sleeping in a tent tonight.
How did you get started in modeling: A friend kind of made me.
Your most memorable job: This is hard so I’m going to narrow it down to this year haha. I did a job for Luisa Via Roma. I got to stay in a hotel in the centre of Paris for a week, we drove from showroom to showroom each day. it was like a weird fashion tour of Paris and I just tried on a lot of really expensive clothes each day. That was cool.
The city you would get into the most trouble: Al-Qusayr?
You would spend your last $100 on: I’d buy as many of those mars bars where you have a chance at winning more mars bars as I can.
You are currently listening to: Stolen Dance by Milky Chance
Tomorrow you would like to wake up as: David Byrne 30 years ago
You are: 51% home boy, 49% party boy.
Do you social media: I (kind of) have instagram @onlyhughman but I’m in a constant state of breaking/losing phones.
If you weren’t modelling you would be: Studying Science full time.
Top 3 music festivals of all time: I would love to go to Burning man, Coachella and Oyafestivalin.
You are currently obsessed with: Plato and philosophy. I feel like a prick but a semi-enlightened prick.
Top 3 words you love to use: Words I love to use quickly become words I try to stop using. I like words (although I don’t use them) that don’t have English translations like schadenfreude which is to take delight in other’s misfortune in German.
On a regular weekend, we will find you: Hanging out with friends, climbing cliffs, sleeping.
The latest addition to your wardrobe: I bought a Vanishing Elephant jacket.
You are currently watching: I’m about to watch ‘The Master’, Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman are both in it, it can’t be bad.
Signature drink: I’m not picky
Signature scent: Givenchy Pi, But I just read in a book by John Waters’ that Rei Kawakubo doesn’t believe in scents for men so now i want to change to Comme des Garcon Odeur 71, which is described as “The ultimate anti-perfume”, inspired by dust on a hot lightbulb, bamboo, metal, electricity and lettuce juice. She’s a genius haha.
You are dying to go to: Iceland
And finally, something people don’t know about you: I’m not Asian.

Jessica Gomes for Harpers Bazaar Style Network

“Since stepping into Miranda Kerr’s shoes as the glamorous face of David Jones, Perth born Jessica Gomes has become the toast of the Australian fashion industry. If she isn’t shooting for the pages of BAZAAR, or showcasing new season fashion on the runway, you’ll find her on the red carpet.”
What does “style” mean to you? 
It’s about attitude. Anyone can wear fashion but style is a true expression of your personality. 
How has your personal style evolved? 
I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world with my work and have met some incredible designers. This has had a huge influence and my look is now very chic and polished. 
What is your beauty mantra? 
Cleanse, tone, moisturise and let make-up enhance your natural features, not hide them. 
Divulge a recent fashion purchase.
An amazing pair of Céline sunglasses, Valentino shoes and a new Saint Laurent navy duffle bag which I am absolutely in love with – all from David Jones. This season I’ll be adding a Josh Goot dress and Dion Lee separates to my wardrobe – two of my favourite Australian designers.
Where do you love to shop? 
The selection is incredible at David Jones. I am based in LA so Robertson Boulevard and Rodeo Drive are both favourites.

“Growing up in Perth it was always very warm and relaxed so I feel more of a connections to summer dressing in this sense. Los Angeles is the same which is why I love it so much.”
Do you have a favourite destination in the world? 
Paris. The shopping, the culture, the food – I can’t get enough! I’m hoping to celebrate my birthday there later this year. 
Do you believe in “off duty” style? 
Yes, on the weekends you’ll find me in something super comfortable and casual with a hint of gangster. 
Are you a shoe or a bag girl? 
That’s a tough one! I’ll have to say I’m a bag girl… In addition to my new Saint Laurent duffle bag, I recently purchased the small navy Saint Laurent Lulu bag in navy too – it’s such a classic style. 

Whose style do you admire? 
I love Kate Moss. She has always been someone I’ve looked up to throughout my career. Her style is effortless and I love everything she wears – she can make anything look amazing. 
The secret to red carpet dressing? 
It’s important to stand out and take a risk, whether it’s showing a bit of skin or adopting a style you normally wouldn’t wear.