Interview with Rhianna Porter

Rhianna Porter just touched down from walking at London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week. Chic talks to Rhianna about her favorite experiences and what she missed back home.

Best experience in modelling career to date?

Walking Paris Fashion Week. 
Favourite Fashion show that you walked in while overseas?

Every show was equally fun so it’s hard to say, probably walking for Christopher Kane in London as at the time I didn’t realise Anna Wintour and Donatella Versace were in the front row. Finding out later completely threw me…I had no idea and was thankful I didn’t as I would have been so nervous!
Most exciting person you met?

I met Donatella Versace.
Is she lovely?

Yes she is lovely, she is amazing. She has this incredible energy. I was completely star struck!
Favourite local and international designer?

Alex Perry and it would have to be Prada.
What did you miss the most when you were overseas?

The beaches. Even though I live in the hills district in Sydney, the beach is my favourite thing about Australia.  I missed the warm weather and also my cat.
Plan/goals for 2013?

To walk every single fashion week I can and to take time to travel to New York. 
Did you have a new year’s resolution, how is that panning out?

Walk New York Fashion Week…I’m really hoping that happens. Also, I wanted to get a kitten and have done that.

What is your favourite new piece of clothing?

New tiger stussy jumper, its all over my instagram…I love it!
What is your favourite beauty product? Favourite beauty tip?

All Kora products. And the best thing I do every day, is exfoliate as much as possible.
Favourite thing to do at night in Sydney?

Chill out with my friends anywhere. 
Exclusive interview by Chic Management

Angus Low for Front Row Suit

Name: Angus Low
Agency: Chic (Sydney), 2morrow models (Milan), Bananas (Paris), Next (NYC and London), Image (Japan), Viva models (Berlin), UNO models (Barcelona)
Place of birth: Sydney
Star sign: Taurus
Where are you right now: Sun Studios Sydney, shooting for “Style Me Romy”
How did you get started in modeling: I was scouted in Sydney whilst on a lunch date with my dearest grandmother
Your best job: Lanvin campaign shot in New York with Steven Meisel, and probably my first show which was Prada! Ooo also did a show for Vivienne Westwood in Japan which was pretty much anything goes! Was wild and a lot of fun.
Do your friends pay you out for being a model: Occasionally! However, most of the time they are just a wee bit jealous of the erratic nature of my travels!
Most awkward thing you have had to do on the job: A dinner party with reptiles
Does your mum collect photos of you: Yes!! She tends to stalk all the blogs
If you weren’t modeling, what would you be doing: Currently attempting to enter into the wonderful world of medicine! However I love music and would love to get back to playing in a band! Would also like to create my own range of clothes, get my pilots license
Coolest photographer you have worked with: Steven Meisel
Most hilarious piece of clothing you have had to wear: Nothing too unusual in terms of outfits, however I was presented with a lovely skin coloured g-string for a Gucci show..
The latest edition to your wardrobe: Pair of old baggy Levi’s
We will never see you wearing: A Billabong shirt
The most treasured item in your wardrobe: My leather jacket, has traveled the world with me!
Signature scent: YSL L’Homme
Signature drink: Pimms, soda water, lime and cucumber
Fav film: Lord of the Rings
Currently listening to: Tom Waits – Jockey full of Bourbon
Fav holiday destination: Noosa
To play yourself in a movie: Denzel Washington because he is just an epic actor.. However as I am a skinny, white, nerdy type with peculiar humour, I’d say Adam Brody would be a good fit!
Something people don’t know about you: I am a physiotherapist and I used to play in a post hardcore band called “the dream the chase”
Interview by Liam McKessar

Interview: Charlotte Lohmann

Tell us about Triforce, how did your creative partnership with Ryan begin?
We were friends for a few years, then he started an 8-bit electronic band and needed a vocalist.

What do you love about working with Ryan?
He’s a creative genius and the most motivated person I know, which motivates me to try things I would never have done on my own. He also encourages me and makes me feel like I can do anything!
What music training have you undertaken?
I’ve had a couple of singing lessons here and there but I’m mainly self-taught. My entire family are very musical though so I have been surrounded by it my whole life. I just started my diploma of music at TAFE which is AMAZING and I recommend it to any aspiring musician.
What shows have you done and where?
We’ve done a few shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane but our music has changed a lot since then. We took 6 months off gigs to revamp our style and make some crazy animations to support our music. We had our first gig last Saturday with Van She which was pretty cool.
When is the album expected to be released?
In a couple of months…we have a few singles to release first!
Will you have a party to celebrate?
Yes an album release show will definitely be on the cards.
Where do you find inspiration?
From my favorite artists, different styles of music, bush doofs, nature, entheogens and life experience.
Favorite musician of all time?
There is absolutely no way I could pick just one! But my favorite genres are djent (sub genre of metal), deep tech electronic and glitch hop.
What was your new year’s resolution and how is it going?
To create more music, move out of home, start studying…I’ve done them all!
What do you think you will be doing in 5 years?
Playing music in either South America, India or Nepal.
Any travel plans for Triforce?
Hopefully after we’ve developed a solid fan base in Australia we’ll start touring internationally. Definitely a national tour at the end of this year though.
Exclusive interview by Chic Management

Ready to race!

Jessica Gomes has been sweating it out, cutting laps of the track during her training for the Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. As a David Jones ambassador, Jessica is set to compete in the Mazda6 Celebrity Challenge this weekend!
The Grand Prix quizzed her on cars and here’s what she had to say..
My first car was a?
Holden Barina and I called it the “tic tac”.
My favourite part of the car is?
The leather seats and engine.
What does Zoom Zoom mean to you?
Mazda Commercial!
My favourite F1 driver is?
Jenson Button.

What made you decide to participate in the M6CC?
I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone and this is certainly VERY different to what I’m used to.