Bricks For Bears


“Bear baiting in Pakistan is the world’s most savage blood sport. A bear, with claws blunted and teeth removed, is tied to a post in the centre of a stadium and set upon by dogs. When the fight looks like it is about to become fatal, it is stopped.

But only to give the exhausted bear time to rest before facing the dogs again.

Sometimes he will endure as many as seven fights in one day. All of this takes place in the name of ‘sport’

But bear baiting is no sport. It is animal cruelty. The bears suffer terrible injuries and receive inadequate treatment, resulting in ongoing pain and permanent scarring. Away from the ring their misery continues. Supposed to roam for 20km a day in the wild, they are kept in confinement and receive poor diet and care.

Bear baiting is illegal in Pakistan, but the fights continue. So does the campaign by the World Society for the Protection of Animals to put a stop to this cruelty. Since 2001 we have worked with our member society the Bio-resource Research Centre towards our goal of an end to bear baiting.

We began by building our Kund Park sanctuary to take in the bears confiscated from fights. So far we have rescued over 40 bears. We have been able to stop 80% of fights from taking place. We are educating the public through raising awareness in mosques and during infotainment events. And we have developed an alternative livelihood program to enable a sustainable end to the bear-owning tradition.

In 2010 we are at a critical stage – so near and yet still not quite in reach of our goal. Bricks for Bears is the next step in our campaign to bring an end to bear baiting in Pakistan.”

You can help WSPCA reach this goal by purchasing virtual bricks for their online Sanctuary Wall. Each virtual brick costs just $10, or you can make a donation on behalf of your company and purchase a virtual plaque on the virtual wall. All money raised will go to the build and running cost of the Bears Sanctuary in Pakistan.


Nikki Phillips on the RSPCA Guardian Angel Celebrity Campaign

“On Wednesday 27th October we ventured out to the Yagoona Shelter to put  my idea into action: My main reason for doing this video, is to show  people that you don’t just have to have the pressure of adopting, that  is not the only way you can help, you can foster, donate or lend a  helping hand by walking the animals. Alot of people tend to turn a blind  eye to the shelter, as it’s easy to get upset at the amount of animals  needing homes, but by making this video and showing the all the  different breads of animals and amazing job that the RSPCA does to look  after and cater for these animal, will hopefully bring awareness for  people to be involved or at least think of adopting rather then buying  from farmed pet stores and puppy mills.

With a project like this  you always need help and I was thrilled with the amazing Australian  celebrites that jumped on board to help share this message.”

All animals you see are up for adoption and can be viewed at

My Purple Grape

Yasmine one our many beautiful girls here at Chic has just started a blog named My Purple Grape
She is really excited about this project and has recently started visiting rescue shelters and meeting people who are actively helping animals in need.
On her blog she talks about her experiences amongst the animal welfare community and people who inspire her.
This is something she is extremely passionate about so we thought we would share it with you!
Click here to visit Yasmine’s Purple Grape

Natalie Imbruglia speaks otu against fur in new PETA video

Singer and actor Natalie Imbruglia has taken time out from her busy schedule judging The X Factor to narrate an anti-fur video for PETA Asia. “There is no kind way to rip the skin off animals’ backs,” says Imbruglia. “Anyone who wears any fur shares the blame for the torture and gruesome deaths of millions of animals each year.”

“This Is Fur” Narrated by Natalie Imbruglia

Nearly 74 percent of Australia’s fur is imported from China—the  world’s leading fur exporter—where millions of dogs and cats are killed  for the international fur trade. The fur is often processed and  relabeled in other countries, making it impossible to tell where—or  which species—it came from. Animals on fur farms in China are commonly  skinned alive. Fur farms elsewhere are no better: Animals are forced to  live in filthy, cramped cages before they are killed by gassing, anal  electrocution, or neck-breaking.
Many of the world’s most stylish celebrities, including Eva Mendes,  Kate Winslet, Kelly Osbourne, Charlize Theron, Pamela Anderson, and  Natalie Portman, shun fur. And some of the world’s most renowned fashion  designers, such as Vivienne Westwood, Peter Morrissey, Alannah Hill,  Gail Elliott, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Stella McCartney, never use fur in their designs.

What You Can Do: Sign the Pledge to Go Fur-Free

Join Natalie Imbruglia in fighting the cruel fur trade and  helping the millions of animals worldwide who are beaten, electrocuted,  and hanged for their fur. Sign the pledge today, and don’t forget to encourage your friends and family members to do the same.


Introducing this Summer’s must have..The Water BOBBLE!

Bobble’s ingenious design removes chlorine and contaminants from tap water. Bobble replicates the experience of drinking crisp, clean portable water without incurring the significant costs – both environmental and monetary – associated with plastic bottles.

Bobble has been a huge success in the U.S. since its launch in February. Now, Bambis is pleased to bring this innovative water bottle to Australia. Bobble will be available nationwide from 15 September, priced from $9.95/$14.95
We all have ours here at the Chic office, now you go get yours!


Grab a copy of the 2011 Peter Alexander & RSPCA Calendar and Peter will give 100% of the proceeds (excluding GST) to the RSPCA. Everyone involved in the making of this calendar, generously gave their time and expertise for free, for this very worthy cause.
So check out our hot boys with cute dogs from the RSPCA’s animal shelters, and help give back to the animal community!

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