Front Row Suit model of the week: Hugh Vidler

Name: Hugh Vidler
Agency: Chic
Home Town: Sydney
Star Sign: Gemini
Your best subject at school/uni: Physics.
On schoolies you partied at: Byron Bay.
What do you want to be when you grow up: I’ll be cliché and say I don’t want to grow up but that’s just because I have no Idea what I want to be. I’m studying Nanotechnology at uni and I’m really interested in art. It would be cool to do something involving both.
Where are you right now: Home, I just got back from a 7000km roadtrip to the top of Australia.
Where would you rather be: I’m content. I’m just happy I’m not sleeping in a tent tonight.
How did you get started in modeling: A friend kind of made me.
Your most memorable job: This is hard so I’m going to narrow it down to this year haha. I did a job for Luisa Via Roma. I got to stay in a hotel in the centre of Paris for a week, we drove from showroom to showroom each day. it was like a weird fashion tour of Paris and I just tried on a lot of really expensive clothes each day. That was cool.
The city you would get into the most trouble: Al-Qusayr?
You would spend your last $100 on: I’d buy as many of those mars bars where you have a chance at winning more mars bars as I can.
You are currently listening to: Stolen Dance by Milky Chance
Tomorrow you would like to wake up as: David Byrne 30 years ago
You are: 51% home boy, 49% party boy.
Do you social media: I (kind of) have instagram @onlyhughman but I’m in a constant state of breaking/losing phones.
If you weren’t modelling you would be: Studying Science full time.
Top 3 music festivals of all time: I would love to go to Burning man, Coachella and Oyafestivalin.
You are currently obsessed with: Plato and philosophy. I feel like a prick but a semi-enlightened prick.
Top 3 words you love to use: Words I love to use quickly become words I try to stop using. I like words (although I don’t use them) that don’t have English translations like schadenfreude which is to take delight in other’s misfortune in German.
On a regular weekend, we will find you: Hanging out with friends, climbing cliffs, sleeping.
The latest addition to your wardrobe: I bought a Vanishing Elephant jacket.
You are currently watching: I’m about to watch ‘The Master’, Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman are both in it, it can’t be bad.
Signature drink: I’m not picky
Signature scent: Givenchy Pi, But I just read in a book by John Waters’ that Rei Kawakubo doesn’t believe in scents for men so now i want to change to Comme des Garcon Odeur 71, which is described as “The ultimate anti-perfume”, inspired by dust on a hot lightbulb, bamboo, metal, electricity and lettuce juice. She’s a genius haha.
You are dying to go to: Iceland
And finally, something people don’t know about you: I’m not Asian.