Jessica Gomes & Montana Cox for David Jones Spring Summer 14 Launch Tonight!

Our Jessica Gomes & Montana Cox for David Jones’ Spring Summer 14 launch tonight!
Watch the show LIVE from 6.30pm, Wednesday July 30th!

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Good luck to all the Chic girls walking in the show!

Getting a Manicure With Supermodel Jesscia Gomes

Our very own Jessica Gomes gets a manicure this month with Marie Claire Australia and talks all things home, off duty and beauty…
A simple girl at heart, I like to be comfortable—my daily uniform
consists of a white tee, jeans, heels and a leather jacket or a tailored
blazer. I also love spending time outdoors, and I try to stick to an
organic paleolithic diet. I enjoy cold-pressed green juices in the
morning and I rely on Pilates reformer classes to stay toned and in
shape. My beauty philosophy is the same; keep it simple and not too
” – Jessica

Full interview here

Montana Cox has a Date with Kate

We love having our Montana Cox in town as does everybody else. Being “One of Australias most in-demand models” Montana caught up Kate Waterhouse to talk, life, career and the future…
Photo: Steven Siewert
Did you ever expect to lead the life you live?
– never ever ever. When I was younger, I was a really big sports girl. I
wanted to be a professional netball player. That was my dream. And then ANTM happened. I was shopping with mum and mum said, “Go try out” and I was like, “No mum”.
You didn’t even want to try out for ANTM?
we were just shopping and [the auditions] were there and mum was like,
“Just do it” and I was like, “OK”.  Ever since then it has been a big
If you decided to go down that model path, do you think you could you have done it without ANTM? 
has been an amazing platform in terms of having cameras around you all
the time and getting interviewed and meeting all the photographers. It
was a really great exposure as well. It’s a very popular show in
Australia. It’s very focused on helping the girls reaching their goals,
which is really great.

Not everyone who wins ANTM is as successful as you are. What’s the secret to your success?
don’t know. But I think it’s really having your head screwed on
straight. I just try to be really positive and the best person I can be
every day. I’ve always been very open to travelling around and seeing
new things and new places. So I think just having an open mind about
that has been really great for me.
Do you still watch the show?
do. Actually, I just watched last season. I remember I could not watch
my season! It would stress me out. But I’ve watched all other seasons.
It’s just really addictive TV.
What’s the best part about your job?
perks are pretty good! I mean, free stuff is always really nice
[laughs]. But I think it’s learning from the people around you. The
experience I’ve had the past couple of years I would have never had
[without modelling]. I would have stayed in Melbourne and maybe gone to
university. But modelling has taken me around the world and I’ve seen
things I’d never be able to see or do. So it’s really exciting and great
in that sense.
What’s the worst part about your job?
think getting picked and prodded at, 24-7. Especially [during] show
season there are constantly brushes on your face and people pulling at
you, doing this and doing that. It’s just like: “Stop touching my face.
Stop pulling my hair.” I think sometimes call times can be a little bit
too early [in the morning. But I cannot complain. I'm very lucky.
What are you currently working on?
back for the David Jones Fashion Spring Summer Fashion Launch, which is
really exciting. It's going to be a lot of fun and it’s spring-summer,
which is my favourite time in dressing sense
What are some of the trends we’ll be seeing this spring/summer?

all [about] romantic florals – very soft and pretty – and lots of
coral. We are also going to be seeing a lot of “sport deluxe”, and
animal print is really in this season, but it’s much more on the
reptilian side, like crocodile and snake. So just try and stay away from
leopard – leave that in the cupboard! Also lots of crop tops and maxi
skirts and shift dresses, which I’m really excited for.
As a Youth Ambassador for David Jones, is there pressure on you to act in a certain way?
I think so. I don’t think it’s a pressure – I think it’s just more of, like, just leading by example.
You must have a lot of young fans.
do. It’s really exciting to have that young fan base and they’re a very
strong fan base. So it’s really exciting and they really get behind you
and they really do look up to you – like, they’re always on Instagram
and Twitter. You have so many girls coming up to you and say “I look up
to you”. It’s a really great feeling to have that.
What has been your biggest modelling highlight?
I think doing the shows overseas is really exciting… Walking for Givenchy was a lot of fun. 
Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
still modelling, still travelling around the world. Just keep on moving
forward, meeting new people. I don’t know. We have to wait and see.
Do you have a secret talent?
I play the violin. I’ve played the violin for 10 years.

Gabby Westbrook-Patrick for Vogue Spain’s August Issue

Our little star Gabby Westbrook-Patrick features in Vogue Spains ‘Cosa de Hombres’ or in other words, “Boys Club” by Mariano Vivanco 
Decked out in a wardrobe that includes luxury labels like Valentino,
Roberto Cavalli and Dior our Gabby is looking fierce as ever!

Photographer: Mariano Vivanco  

5 Minutes with Nicole Pollard!

Fresh off the Dolce & Gabbana catwalk in Capri, our very own home grown favorite Nicole Pollard is a force to be reckoned with.
 Walking for the likes Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Dior, Gucci, and Ellie Saab only to name a few.
 Nicole is in high demand, so it would only be normal to catch up to see how she is and learn a thing or two we didn’t know about our supermodel on the rise….

Star sign? 
Coffee order?
Where are you as you answer these
Madrid airport waiting for a flight
Last thing you Googled? 
Last big purchase was? 
My Valentino
bag earlier this year 
Next big purchase will probably be? 
Not too sure, saving for an apartment!
Best destination your job has taken
you to? 
Recently, Capri. I want to go back already.
Best thing about being a model is? 
You get to meet great people and create friends all over the world 
What’s running through your mind on
the runway? 
Where do we stop again?
Favorite city in the world?
constantly changes, Paris in the summer is definitely up there but nothing
beats home. Australia is still #1
On a Friday night where are we most
likely to find you? 
Either out having a drink with friends or in bed on my
Describe your personal style in 3
Easy, relaxed, comfy
Favourite item of clothing you own? 
My backpack
Your best friends would describe you
One said ‘vivacious, curious & delectable’, another just called me a
‘lanky nerd’ then changed it to ‘goofy tomboy but hilarious at times’
Favourite home cooked meal? 
Spag bowl or bangers and mash, does a BBQ count?
If we were to turn on your iPod
right now, what would be playing? 
James Vincent McMorrow 
Any guilty pleasures? 
Yes but thats
too embarrassing 
One thing that annoys you? 
that walk really slow down the street and walk 5 abreast so there is no
possible way around, then think it’s okay to just suddenly stop in the middle of
a busy sidewalk. Times Square gives me a headache. 
Documentaries or Reality TV? 
1 thing that people don’t know about
you is? 
I’m extremely indecisive 

Words: Sami Sloane // Photos:, Chic

Kim for Russh Online!

Our latest beauty Kim features in Russh onlines ‘On Your Marks’
PHOTOGRAPHY: Rudolf Zverina

 MAKEUP: Casey Gore

- See more at:

5 Minutes with Grace Simmons

We couldn’t be happier for our beautiful Grace Simmons and what she’s achieved this year.
Fresh off the Dior & Viktor & Rolf runway in Paris we could not wait another second to catch up about Paris, home cooked meals and the Dior runway of course…
Brisbane but loving living in
Sydney when I am back in Australia.
Star sign?
Coffee order?
not a coffee person at all – give me some Green Tea any day!
Last thing you googled?
places for shopping in Paris?” (guilty…)
Last present you bought
new Nike Free Runs in hot pink/purple! I couldn’t help myself – the bright
colours are so cool and they make me actually look forward to working out!
Next big purchase you’re
dreaming of?
got my eye on a Celine handbag… and it’s my birthday soon (Mum and Dad I hope
you’re reading this) ☺️
 Sum up your Dior experience
in 3 words!

Surreal! Dream-come-true! (not three words whoops..)
What goes through your head
on the runway?
just try to make sure I’m enjoying myself and taking everything in because it’s
such a short experience that you blink and you miss it!
What will you miss most about
fact that the sun doesn’t set until around 10pm every night! It’s so handy and
it means you can do so much more with your day!
3 things that help you unwind
after a long days work?
nice cup of tea, some comfort food and a Sandra Bullock comedy!
2 mandatory bedside table
and whatever book I’m currently reading – which at the moment is On The Road by
Jack Kerouac!
Favourite emoji right now?
  heheh I’m such a cat
Favourite home cooked meal?
down mum’s spaghetti Bolognese! I haven’t had a problem a big bowl of it
couldn’t fix!
The first person I told when
I found out about Dior was

my mum!

One thing I love that would
surprise people is

I love staying in! A perfect night to me is some junk food, good music, a few
comedy movies and my best friends – I’m so boring! 
Out of all the songs, my
ultimate favourite is…

Yellow by Coldplay
I get nervous when… things don’t go to plan! I’m
a super organised person so when things change I find it pretty stressful!
Words: Sami Sloane // Photos: Chic, Grace, Instagram,